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I'll Get You, My Pretty

  • black dress
  • pointy witch hat
  • green face makeup & wart-covered nose
  • broom
    = Wicked Witch of the West or East in The Wizard of Oz
    (as seen at FDPB 1995)

Game On

  • Columbus Blue Jackets hockey jersey
  • hockey puck
  • fake blood on head
    = Brittanie Cecil, the 13-year-old girl killed by a flying puck at a Columbus Blue Jackets game in March 2002

Deny Everything

  • black trench coat
  • short red wig
  • conservative suit
    = Dana Scully from The X-Files (presumed dead during her abduction)

Top Hat and Tails

  • tailcoat
  • white shirt
  • black pants
  • top hat
  • cane
    = Marlene Dietrich as in Morocco
    (as seen at FDPB 2005)

The People's Princess

  • short blonde wig
  • cocktail dress
  • tiara
    = Princess Diana

A Formerly Living Saint

  • white dress or sheet wrapped like a sari
  • white dishtowel with blue stripe on edge, draped over the head
    = Mother Theresa

Twisted Little Girl

  • cowboy hat
  • miniskirt or short dress
  • blonde wig, ratted and curled really big
  • lots of makeup
    = Jon Benet Ramsey (thanks to Stephanie for this idea)

Sweets to the Sweet

  • long white nightgown
  • bucket of water poured over your head
    = Ophelia from Hamlet

Psychotic Tendencies

  • large bathtowel, wrapped around body
  • short wet hair or towel wrapped around head
  • fake blood (optional)
    = Marion Crane (Janet Leigh's character) from Psycho, right before she gets killed or during

Elegance Incarnate

  • sleek black dress
  • evening gloves
  • pearls
    = Audrey Hepburn (a la Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Death Becomes Her

  • black jeans
  • black tank top
  • long, ratted black wig
  • large ankh necklace
    = Death from the Sandman comics (she's not dead, but she is death ;-)

Classic Babes

  • long 1930s evening gown or classic modern gown
  • a few fancy accessories like evening gloves, a shawl/stole, cigarette holder, jewelry
  • bright lipstick, smoldering eye shadow
    = Gloria Swanson (as seen at FDPB 1995)
    = Joan Crawford (as seen at FDPB 1992)
    = Bette Davis
    = Claudette Colbert
    = Myrna Loy (as seen at FDPB 1995)

Out Damn Spot

  • long black or red dress
  • crown
  • fake blood on hands
    = Lady Macbeth from Macbeth
    (as seen at FDPB 1992)

Hey, Hey, She's a Junkie

  • trashy disco clothes from the 1970s
  • slutty makeup
  • messy blonde wig
    = Althea Flynt from The People vs. Larry Flynt

Come and Knock on My Door

  • bright-colored '70s housecoat or robe
    = Audra Lindley as Mrs. Roper on Three's Company

Roaring Twenties

  • short 1920s dress or modern cocktail dress (preferably straight & simple, like a slip dress)
  • a few fancy accessories like evening gloves, a shawl/stole, cigarette holder, jewelry
  • dark eyeliner, bright lipstick
    = Louise Brooks (as seen at FDPB 2005)
    = Mary Pickford
    = Anais Nin (as seen at FDPB 1998)
    = Theda Bara

A Lesbian Icon

  • severe, frumpy 1950s suit
  • hair slicked back or tied in a tight bun
    = Nancy Kulp as Miss Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies

Pillow Talk

  • long nightgown and robe
  • bed pillow
    = Desdemona from Othello
    (as seen at FDPB 1995)

A Classic Crone

  • loose black dress
  • gray shawl
  • ratty gray hair
  • cackle
    = Blossom Rock as Grandmamma on The Addams Family TV show

She Did Everything Fred Did, Only Backwards and in High Heels

  • 1940s evening gown
  • high heels
    = Ginger Rogers

Medieval Miscellany

  • grey turtleneck
  • dark pants
  • white sheet with whole cut in center (to go over the head) and a cross painted on the front; singe the edges with a lit match
  • belt
  • sword
    = Joan of Arc
    (as seen at FDPB 1994)

Fab Fifties and Sixties

  • 1950s or 1960s clothes (prim suits, frothy prom dresses, plain house frocks)
    = Jackie Kennedy (as seen at FDPB 1994)
    = Grace Kelly (as seen at FDPB 1993)
    = Lucille Ball (as seen at FDPB 2005)
    = Sylvia Plath

Puppet Pal

  • plain modern clothes
  • curly blond wig
  • Lambchop puppet
    = Shari Lewis

Toga Time

  • white sheet draped like a toga
    = Antigone or Eurydice from the Oedipus plays