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I see dead people... at Target!

Remember, elaborate is not necessary -- just a clever idea! You don't need to look exactly like the dead person (who ever does?). Simply pick one or two key elements or props essential to the dead person's overall look, and that will convey the idea.

Also, it's okay to come as someone that's already been at a past FDPB -- everyone has their own interpretation of a famous dead person that's slightly different.

Don't forget that you can come as the person looked at any point during their life, death, or after death.

For example, you can dress as a movie star looked during a specific film (such as Judy Garland dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz) or how a historical figure looked long before death (like Jackie Kennedy Onasiss circa 1963 with JFK's brain spattered all over) or how they might look during death or as a ghost (for example, Hamlet Sr. from Shakespeare is a ghost).

Lastly, don't be afraid to be a dead person no-one recognizes immediately. Unless your dead person is someone as obvious as Darth Vader, no-one's going to instantly see the difference between Buddy Holly and Mr. Blonde from Reservoir Dogs. We think it's more entertaining to dress simply and have a good story for when people inevitably ask who you're supposed to be at the party.

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I see dead people... at Target!